How to configure sendy amember pro newsletter plugin

Here I am going to show how to configure Sendy aMember Newsletter Plugin

If you don’t want to read you can view how to configure video tutorial

To configure sendy and amemeber pro newsletter you need Newsletter module in amember pro.

If you don’t have newsletter module then download full package from your client area and then put package in directory Application > newsletter.

 If you already have directory Application > Newsletter then put sendy.php file in directory Application > Newsletter > Plugin

 After that go to configuration > setup / configuration > plugins

Enable your newsletter module from select menu Enable Modules


enable newsletter module in amember


If your newsletter module successfully enable you can see newsletter plugins section in plugins page like in screen shoot below.

Newsletter plugin plugins option


And the enable your sendy plugin by selecting newsletter plugins.

Newsletter pluings dropwon list

After successfully enable sendy newsletter plugin you will able to see Sendy section in configuration menu.

Sendy plugin menu apear in list of options of amember

Now click on sendy menu and configure.

Sendy Plugin Configuration screen in amember

First option to specify your hosted sendy installation URL. Enter URL with http or https and without trailing slash.
Next option to specify Lists ID’s to use in amember. Enter each lists ids (Use newline for each list ids)

Next option is for title of lists ids appear in amember newsletter plugin. Each title corresponding to lists ids. Each title per line.

And Save.


Now to specify which list and how users will be subscribe to lists. Go to “Protect Content> “Newsletters”.

Here you will be see all lists ids, setup in sendy configuration options above.

Now click on edit icon corresponding to each list.

On edit record screen you can specify how users is subscribe to list.